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MOVIE Neuglobsow Sept. 2013 !!!
Same, but better quality (i.e. Media Player)
Two years without Racing Lobsters photo reports .....
here you see the Hash in former years >>>>>>>>
Neuglobsow 2010 Movie
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May third with Movie!!


Sept 21th
Birthday Party

Mr. Bean and Sperminator


(2005 and 2006 see below)


in Berlins Newspapers
This are WORD - documents with pictures


Run 1300

About 100 pictures, no comments

Watch your connection; totally 10 mB !!

Here it is!!!!

The Neuglobsow Movie

Many actors, much beer spillage. 8.30min.

Technique: It`s 36mB, streaming media for Windows Media Player.

Racing Lobster
*contains also 100 pictures of Neuglobsow Run 1300 and 3 more movies of the past year.

HashNo1303 10th of Sept 06


HashNo1302 3th of Sept 06

recommended for DSL; 14mB
WMV for Windows Media Player

Hash Hamburg hhh No300 03th of June 06

HashNo1286 14th of May 06

HashNo1285 8th of May 06

HashNo1284 30th of April 06

HashNo1281 9th of April 06

HashNo1240 26th of June 05
MOVIE removed!!

HashNo1241 3th of July 05

HashNo1242 10th of July 05

HashNo1243 17th of July 05

HashNo1245 31th of July 05

MOVIE removed!!

Klick for 2 pictures :

HashNo1246 7th of August 05

HashNo1247 14th of August 05

HashNo 1234 20th of August 05
The run


HashNo1249 28th of August 05

HashNo1250 4th of Sept 05

HashNoxxxx 6th of Nov 05